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Chartered Engineer (India)





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  • » Chemical Engineer with good academics and professional standing.
  • » 28 Years of technical and engineering management experience in the largest Public Sector Steel Company in India- the Steel Authority of India Limited at its flagship integrated steel plant unit at Bhilai.
  • » Erection supervision, commissioning, operation, maintenance and trouble shooting experience in captive thermal power plants and utility systems of the steel plant;
  • » In depth knowledge in various types of cooling water supply systems, circulation water systems, boiler feed water systems, pollution control systems and their operation and maintenance management.
  • » Knowledge in the control and prevention of fouling, corrosion, scaling and pollution in water systems.
  • » Technical experience and knowledge of various kinds of mechanical and process equipment and machinery used in utility systems of a steel plant, such as different kinds and types of pump sets, valves, pipelines, coolers, heat exchangers, filters, settlers, flocculation equipments, ion-exchangers, molecular sieves, sprayers, scrubbers, fans, chemical dozers, aerators, bio-filters, process line instruments, etc.
  • » Experience and exposure in multi disciplinary areas involving Utility Plant Operations- Maintenance Management, Plant Installation - Erection - Commissioning, Plant Design and Engineering, Project Consultancy, Project Management and coordination, Contract Management, Technical Document Management, Vendor Evaluation, Equipment Inspection, Plant Performance Evaluation, Contract Negotiation, Arbitration, etc.
  • » Proven track record in implementing cost saving measures and statutory environmental protection measures to achieve substantial improvements in the steel plant.
  • » Experience in the selection of the most appropriate technology and process machinery over a wide choice of alternatives of equipments and components. Excellent commonsense backed by technological and engineering fundamentals to resolve problems with foresight.
  • » Extensive experience in optimisation of resources for long term sustenance especially that of natural resources viz., water and energy resources.
  • » Strong conviction and understanding on the aspects of technical office management and documentation including those for statutory compliance.
  • » Resourceful at strategic organisational planning and man management.
  • » Effective communicator with assertive and strong leadership qualities and analytical abilities.
  • » Strong believer of importance of HR concepts and practices for overall success of team.


SAIL - Bhilai Steel Plant  Bhilai                                                                                                    April 1980-June2010

SAIL-CET Ranchi                                                                                                                                      wef June 2010


The Growth Path


Graduate Engineer-ChE (Management Trainee)                                                     Apr'80-Sep'81

Junior Manager (Water Chemical  Treatment Plant) Power Plant                              Sep'81-Apr'84

Asst Manager (Water Chemical Treatment Plant) Power Plant                                  Apr'84-Jun'86

Design Engineer (Water Mgt Systems) Design Bureau                                            Jun'86-Jun'89

Senior Design Engineer (Water & Pollution Control) Des Bureau                               Jun'89-Jun'92

Manager (Water & Pollution Control) Design Bureau                                               Jun'92-Jun'95

Senior Manager (Water & Pollution Control) Design Bureau                                     Jun'95-Oct'96

Senior Manager I/c (Chemical Technology) Design Bureau                                      Oct '96-Jun'02

Assistant General Manager (Chemical Technology) Design Bureau                           Jun'02 - Jul‘07

Assistant General Manager & I/c (Central Archives) Bhilai Steel Plant                        July'07- Mar09

Assistant General Manager I/c (Coke & Iron) BEDB BSP  Bhilai                                 April09-June10

Dy General Manager , Centre for Engg & Technology, Ranchi                                   wef July 2010

Key Result Areas

Project Formulation, Project Planning , Project Engineering Consultancy and Project Implementation

  • » Strategic planning of capital investment for all stages of projects from formulation to commissioning and techno-commercial guidance to all project implementation agencies for quick decision making at all stages of project planning and implementation.
  • » Effective techno-commercial document management for successful project tendering , contract management and project implementation.
  • » Effective Project Decision Making based on technical, engineering, commercial, strategic, statutory and HR considerations and experience to plan and maintain schedules and prevent cost and time-over runs.
  • » Capability to understand and analyse problems involving multi and interdisciplinary functions.

Process Plant Operations

  • » Coordinating plant activities for the set up standards with accountability for strategic utilization & deployment of available resources to achieve organizational objectives.
  • » Preparing SOPs, manuals & work instructions for operations for the unit and maintaining reports for facilitating decision making by the management.
  • » Effective deployment of man-power

Process Plant Maintenance

  • » Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules of various process machineries and instruments to increase plant and equipment reliability and availability.
  • » Proactively identifying areas of obstruction/breakdowns and taking steps to rectify the equipments through application of trouble shooting tools.
  • » Executing cost saving and energy saving techniques/measures and modifications to achieve substantial reduction in O&M Expenditures and work within the budget.
  • » Devising methods and systems to enhance plant and equipment life and personnel & environmental safety and hygiene.
  • » Motivation and effective deployment of man-power

Installation/ Erection/Commissioning

  • » Foreseeing performance bottlenecks and taking corrective measures to avoid the same.
  • » Ensuring effective site management and discipline to ensure safe execution of the projects.
  • » Erection, commissioning of equipments, providing utility services to the equipments.
  • » Taking stringent quality measures including preparation / maintenance of necessary documents and conducting audits to ensure compliance with standards.
  • » Devising testing and commissioning protocols and SOPs and ensuring its compliance.

Man Management

  • » Assessing the training needs of the various employees in co-ordination with the various department heads in the respective departments.
  • » Guiding and motivating employees by counselling, appraising and reviewing performance, ensuring their dedication and facilitating subordinates to transform to managers.
  • » Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of all people involved from within the organisation and those from external side such as from the suppliers and contractors for effective tapping of team potential to achieve the objectives.

Notable Contributions across career

  • » Conducted maintenance of Water Demineralization Plant, the cooling water systems and the Power Station Laboratory of the new captive thermal power plant of Bhilai Steel Plant which came up during the 4 MT expansion stage.
  • » Recognised as the water treatment and boiler chemical control expert both within the steel plant and outside.
  • » Imparted training to a team of 40 fresh staffers in plant operation, maintenance and chemical process control functions.
  • » Functioned as:
  • ¨ The officer- in- charge of the Water Chemical Treatment Plant section of the Power Plant.
  • ¨ In-house design and consultancy expert for utilities such as water and waste water engg systems, pollution control systems, cooling water systems of the largest integrated steel plant of India.
  • ¨ Head of the Chemical Technology Section of Bhilai Engg & Design Bureau
  • ¨ Lead consultant responsible for formulation and successful implementation of many retrofitting schemes and projects in the area of Water & Waste Water Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems of the steel plant.
  • ¨ Officer incharge of the Central Archives of Bhilai Steel Plant and the activities involved with the modernisation of Technical Document Management Functions of the steel plant.
  • ¨ Guest of honour in technical seminars, symposia, workshops organized by various engineering colleges to interact with the engineering students and faculty members.
  • ¨ Member of the Cement and Cement additives sub committee of Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi representing Bhilai Steel Plant during 1992-97.
  • ¨ Guest faculty to Bhilai Technical Institute for conducting workshops for construction and project engineers of BSP in topics pertaining to Project Formulation and implementation.
  • ¨ Honorary Secretary of the Institution of Engineers (India) Bhilai Local Centre for the session 2002-04.
  • ¨ Present Chhattisgarh State Secretary of Institution of Valuers
  • ¨ Present Chairman of the Institution of Engineers (India) Bhilai Local Centre.
  • » Commissioned the water softening and de-aeration plant facility as a part of the Plate Mill complex of Bhilai Steel Plant.
  • » Functioning as a technical advisor to BSP in the field of water treatment and chemical quality control functions of all captive power plants, by being with the in-house engineering department of Bhilai Steel Plant, namely the Bhilai Engineering and Design Bureau (BEDB).
  • » Formulated de-bottlenecking and improvement schemes for the steel plant especially relating to Water and Waste Water Management, Air and Water Pollution Control etc.
  • » Formulating & designing retrofitting projects and schemes for making improvements in the steel plant's works areas, the steel townships and the mines.
  • » Resolved the post commissioning operational problems of Converter Gas Cleaning Plants and the secondary cooling system of Continuous Casting Shop.
  • » Designed & implemented the total water management systems of Twin Hearth Furnace Projects of BSP and also Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) and the cooling water systems of Wire Rod Mill Modernization Project of BSP in association with M/s. SKET of East Germany.
  • » Conducted project formulation and indigenous implementation of Gas Cleaning Plants and Slurry Treatment Plants for three Twin Hearth Steel making furnace systems of Steel Melting Shop No.1 of BSP.
  • » Formulated and implemented the Phenolic Effluent Treatment Plant Project of the Coke Ovens and Coal Chemical Plant Area and the Drinking Water Treatment Augmentation Project of Bhilai.
  • » Provided various other technical management services to SAIL-BSP by being in various standing committees such as tender negotiations, technical break down and fact finding inquiries, standardization, external consultancy fee negotiations, project evaluation, investment planning, business planning, review of project feasibility reports, technical and contract specifications, formulation of performance evaluation policies and protocols for projects, drawing and documentation management.
  • » Represented the steel plant in various standard formulation committees including the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) at New Delhi.
  • » Organised various seminars in Bhilai both in the national and local level ensuring participation by various organizations in the region such as engineering colleges, government bodies and industrial units.
  • » Chairman of various intra-organisational committees of engineers of Chhattisgarh for various professional developmental activities associated with the Institution of Engineers (India).



M.E.  (ChE)                                                    University of Roorkee                                         1978-80

B.Sc Engineering (ChE)                                   Govt Eng College, Trichur                                     1973-78    



Plant O & M Management -Total Water and Waste Water Management- Thermal Power Station Chemical Control regime Management- Water and Waste Water Design & Engineering-Engineering Project Contract Management- Process Engineering Consultancy & Engineering Management-Technical Archive Management and Document Management - Engineering HRD & Management.    


Life Fellow 

The Institution of Engineers (India)

The Institution of Valuers ( India)

Past Chairman

Institution of Engineers, Bhilai Local Centre (2006-2008)

Past Honorary Secretary

Institution of Engineers, Bhilai Local Centre (2004-2006)

Honorary Secretary

Institution of Valuers, Chhattisgarh State Branch (2006-08)