Er Rajan C Mathew: Evolving Philosophy on Life

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My View Points & Concepts on Life
1. The Most Amazing Thing  
That is me. I marvel at the wonderful design features that are incorporated into my body and mind. I am at a loss to understand me, because the matter that constitutes me is made up of a few elements and yet it is extremely complex beyond my comprehension. But I am intelligent enough to recognize the super intelligence that is needed to design some thing like me.
My body and the life in it, logically, are to be the outcome of extreme knowledge, intelligence, labour and time by a superior organization under an equally superior leadership.
The superior organization responsible for creating me, for some reason,is hidden from my direct sensory organs, but yet I can feel their mighty presence around me.
 This beautiful and wonderful world that supports me adds to my marvellous feelings and awe to the unseen organization that most logically is watching its marvellous creation-that is Me.
2. My Purpose in this World 
I wonder and asks to myself- Why does the superior design organization under the superior leadership  take these efforts to create the complex automatic bio-robotics that is Me?
I myself is a small time designer and creator and I like to love to keep any such creations that I would have created, for ever with me.
If that's so, then, most logically, those unseen intelligent organisation responsible for creating me would rather  like to keep me for ever, if only I am not a defective piece !
I feel the presence of the Supreme Unseen Chairman of the Unseen Creative Organization or Government or Empire- I do not have words to describe.
In the country where I live I know there is a government that is constituted of people like me, but if someone asks me just who acts and decides in for this government to work, I am at a loss to explain.
Is it the Prime Minister or the President or the Village Officer or the Policeman? I am not sure.
But then My logic says that the President is the Head or the Supreme guiding force in the government, even as I do not know what the President really does to command the governmental organisation composed of visible people.
That being so, how can I specify the details of characteristics and attributes and functions of the Unseen Organizational Head responsible for my existence? 
I do not know how to address Him. What shall I call Him if at all I have to do it ? Should I call Him God? Or Alimighty ? Allah ? Ram ? Jesus ? Jehova ?
Or is it really going to make any difference as long as I mean by it the Ultimate. 
So the most amazing mind and body of me has logically and intelligently decided to address Him as My Unseen Universal Father !
 Or simply as ' My (Our) Heavenly Father' as Jesus Christ has taught us some two thousand years ago! 
Now since my Heavenly Father has endowed upon me the capacity to learn and develop my physical and spiritual abilities from infant stage to such maturity levels as he would have wished just as any human father has for his child, I consider it my duty to live up to that wish, under His guidance and blessings! 
To accomplish that, it is also prudent for me to seek the guidance of the Mighty Spiritual and Material Organisation that He provides me to use intelligently.
3. My Wish 
 I wish that I could live to fulfil His purpose in creating and nourishing me.

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