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1. How do you see the scope of "Religious Harmony" in the future?

Religious disharmony is because of the differences in the understanding or intellectual level of people. Most people, unfortunately, have very little understanding about religion, science and philosophy. Had all of them understood it in the same manner, perhaps, there is no way that disharmony in view-points come up. For example, let me clarify this with a simple example. If you are a person who learnt and understood simple mathematics, for you 2+2= 4. Not only for you, but for all those in your level of understanding of the subject will agree with that. But this would not be the case with those who have not learnt this maths properly. They may tell some thing else and may not even agree with you.

So, the problem lies not with religion or its teachings. It lies with the ability of people to understand right from wrong. This ability develops in people with passage of time and cannot happen in one generation. You see, the education levels are increasing with regard to simple literacy. Simple literacy would further enhance to greater understanding and intellectual levels. When the majority of people achieve greater intellectual levels, all types of dis-harmonies will be smoothened out and harmony will prevail. It might not happen in our generation but may be after a few generations ahead. We could help accelarate that process if we do something serious in our times to educate our masses. Again, remember, simple literacy or lower levels of education could aggravate the situation for a while due to enhanced egoism of the new entrants to the literate class.


2. Are we aware where we as human beings really need to Focus?

Global Warming, Polar Ice Cap Melting, Carbon Trading, etc, etc are the modern day gimmicks adopted by the so-called global bigwigs to run away from their actual and real responsibilities of ensuring well being of the common people. It is good time pass and entertainment. These issues would never be any issues  if the leaders and the experts put their brains to honestly resolve the issues that affect the common man on the micro levels.


3. Who is really insane?

“Hatred is the insanity of the heart’ . I agree with it. But to eradicate hatred from the mind and fill it up with love, the mind has to expand. And for all men and women to reach the love-filled level of broad-mindedness, may not be happening in a time span of a few centuries. It may take ages. But it will be achievable and we have to be patient !

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4. Why can't India invade other countries,i mean India is very strong in military fields?

Let us find the answer to this question in another manner. Have you seen the bee-hive? The bees are little insects each armed with a small sting as their weapon of defence. They are no match to human beings. You can try to destroy them in many ways and you could have much powerful destructive devices with you such as big fire torches which are equivalent to nuclear bombs for the bees. Thousands of bees would die if humans try to destroy their country-the hive. But still, the humans would be stung and the bees would not accept defeat till the last one is alive. So you can destroy the hive for a time but possibly would not be in a position to take advantage or control the hive. Knowledgeable bee-keepers therefore try another simple method. They befriend the unarmed bee-queen (their head of state) and take her into their custody, making the bees work for them and make honey. This is true in our case also. No one would be able to invade and capture another country of people who also have nationalist feelings just as others. If an invasion is attempted, they would also fight to the last and the invader would not possibly control that country. So the intelligent ones try other methods of befriending and controlling indirectly. That is called diplomacy. The more strong you are in diplomacy, the more the chances of your gaining control over other countries!


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